Roll-Off Dumpster FAQ

FAQs — Please find some of the most frequently asked questions below. Still can’t find your answer, send us a message!

Yes, we have full liability, general liability, and workmen’s comp. We are happy to provide a certificate of insurance if needed.

Each dumpster rental comes with an agreed upon loading weight limit. Only after we dump the contents of the container will we know if you were over your rented weight allowance. When we arrive at the transfer station they weigh our truck, we then empty the contents, and then they weigh our truck again. If you are over your weight limit we will notify you of the additional charge via email with your receipt detailing everything. 

Being onsite to accept your delivery is the best way for a seamless transition. But you do not need to be present if you give us a good description of where to drop it off. However, if you need us to return to relocate the dumpster there is a fee of $85.

All of our dumpsters come equipped with wheels on the ends for a smooth landing. We’re also able to lay down wood boards when requested. This will allow the container to sit atop the wood instead of your driveway or yard. We do not carry wood in our truck unless requested with your booking.

To rent our dumpster, payment is due upfront via credit card and is based on how many tons you think your project will require. Any overweight charges will be applied to your credit card on file after the pickup and tipping have been completed and a detailed receipt sent to your email.

If you need to cancel your dumpster rental we can either keep the money in your account for when you’re ready or offer a 95% refund.

Yes, we are not responsible for acts of God. While the dumpster is in your possession you are 100% responsible for what goes into it including rain, snow or even your sneaky neighbor who puts their junk in your dumpster. However, when we collect your dumpster most of the rain water sitting inside will come out when being loaded on to the truck.

Yes we do and this is charged at a per hour rate (1-hour minimum charge).

Our typical dumpster rental period is 7 days. If you need more time for your project, please ask us and we will do our best to accommodate. If you hold your dumpster for longer than the agreed upon timeframe, there is a fee of $25 per day starting on the eighth day. 

 No. You must make your pickup request online or by calling (207) 787-6100 to let us know you’re ready. We do not assume you are finished with your dumpster unless we hear from you otherwise. Someone from the office will usually send a follow up email as your rental period comes to a close, but we must hear from you in order to book the pickup. Any additional time past the agreed upon rental period will result in a daily or weekly charge. 

You can fill your container to the top edge but can not continue to load junk causing items to spill over or stick out of the top. This is mainly a safety concern when our drivers are in transit to the transfer station, we cannot risk items falling out of the truck while on the road. If your dumpster is improperly loaded, we may not pick it up and you will be charged for the unsuccessful trip out. 

Yes we do! Call us for assistance (207) 787-6100

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