House Cleanouts Southern Maine

A great junk removal option is house cleanouts Southern Maine! Our pricing depends on the type of services required. We are unique due to the fact that we can rent a dumpster for you to load yourself or we can send our team at Southern Maine Roll-Off to help assist with the removal process.

  When requested to perform a house clean-out service, we’ll either perform an in-person walk-through, or you, the customer, can send us a boatload of photos. From this, we’ll be able to gauge what you will need for junk removal and allow us to have a plan for getting everything out of the house efficiently and cost-effectively. Most house clean-out service appointments can be done in one workday, but some house cleanouts on a larger scale need to be done over the course of a few days.

A couple of factors at play are: how many flights of stairs? where is the junk located in your home? Do you have removal needs in the attic of your home or in the basement of your home? How close can the truck pull up to an exit door on your house where most of the junk will be coming out?

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House Cleanout and Junk Removal Pricing

Residential Services

Dumpster Rentals, Junk Removal, Entire House Cleanouts, Garage & Attic Clean Outs, Light Demolition, Storm Debris Clean Up, Appliance Removal, or anything else you can think of!

Proper disposal of junk:

We do our best to donate and recycle as much of the junk as we can. You will then be supplied with a tax-deductible receipt within 7 days for anything donated on your behalf! 

Prices can range from $175 to $1200. Please call for a free estimate (207) 787-6100 so we can help you choose the best service for you.

* Additional Surcharges For:​

  • Hot Tub Removal $795 
  • Upright Piano: $400-$650
  • Pool Table: $300-$500
  • Additional floors / levels: $200 per floor / levels
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